Backend Engineer
Columbia, MD +4
Posted 2 months ago
Our Mission
Help people better access and afford care.  
Our Thesis
Most care in the future will be cash purchased or financed versus insured.    While this sounds massively disruptive it is not without precedent.  We believe this societal shift is actually a good thing and will rhyme with its historic analogue of how retirement savings shifted from being an employer-paid, defined benefit (pension) to an employee-oriented, defined contribution (401k) model.  This societal shift liberated employers from expensive, unmanageable costs totally unrelated to their core business and catalyzed a Cambrian explosion of innovation relating to retirement and financial services. We see the same shift slowly underway in healthcare and we are positioning Paytient to be the enabling financial platform upon which the effortless buying and selling of sub-catastrophic care will be built and transacted. 
Our Business
Offered by employers and insurers, Paytient is embedded or put alongside health plans to give 'paytients' the ability to pay for unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses over time - always without interest or fees.    We are wedging into the world by putting Paytient into the purses and wallets of millions of people and helping better afford the status quo.  
With a globally remote team and headquartered roots in Columbia, Missouri, we are a founder-led, privately held company funded by Inspired Capital, Box Group, Lachy Groom, Lightbank, Crossbeam and Cultivation Capital.
Paytient is looking for a self-motivated and driven Backend Software Engineer who is looking to build elegant software, make a difference in the lives of our customers and is excited about working at a venture-backed, financial technology startup focused on enabling better access to healthcare.


  • Work with the team to build out our backend capabilities
  • Be a part of a culture of continuous improvement
  • Continually implement secure coding practices


  • 2+ years experience with Spring Boot Applications
  • 4+ years of industry experience
  • Experience with writing readable and testable code (JUnit, Mockito, Spock, etc.) 
  • Experience with building and consuming REST APIs
  • Experience with Hibernate and MySQL
  • Experience with managing Java applications in AWS
  • A drive for technical standards, performance, reliability, and code quality
At Paytient we believe that a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences enrich our teams and allow us to achieve above and beyond our goals. If you do not have experience in all of the areas detailed above, we hope that you will share your unique background with us in your application and how it can be additive to our teams.  

Compensation & Benefits

  • Remote-with-Roots: Paytient is a globally remote company with roots in Columbia, Missouri 
  • A stipend for a direct primary care membership
  • Your choice of medical, dental, and vision insurance made better with a built-in ability to pay for up to $5,000 of care over time with Paytient - always without fees or interest
  • 401(k) plan with a 100% matching contribution up to 4% of your salary
  • 5 weeks of encouraged paid time off available on your first day for your physical and mental health
  • $50 monthly phone stipend
  • $100 monthly stipend for your choice of wellness benefits
  • An awesome company retreat every year
Removing cost as a barrier to care
Size:  11-50 employees
Year Founded:  2018
Lachy Groom
Inspired Capital Partners
Cultivation Capital