Front End Software Engineer
Remote (Global)
Junior +3
Posted 3 months ago

Are you a Javascript/Typescript/CSS Ninja? 
Do you care deeply about the user experience, even to the most minute details? Are you a developer that also love a beautiful, functional design?

Then we're looking for you!


We're a fully funded startup on a mission to revolutionize how humans, teams, and computers work together. We're passionate problem-solvers, experienced founders and developers, looking for team players who share our commitment to our mission.

  • We need someone passionate about creating a browser and mobile UI that looks and behaves close to magic.
  • We are building a powerful solution that combines concepts from word processing and spreadsheets to chat, calendars and programming.
  • Our success depends on our ability to transfer the power of our system to our users.
  • The UI needs to as good as Super Mario at teaching users mastery, until they can perform crazy feats of productivity to the delight of themselves and their surroundings.

Responsibilities & Required Skills

  • Expert on browser technologies: HTML, DOM, CSS, Javascript
  • Solid React & React Native experience - but also able to explain how Svelte is different
  • Mobile application UI development
  • Reactive UI technologies
  • Deep understanding of performance factors in browser and mobile apps.
  • UI wizard, knowing when to stick with conventions and when to break the rules
  • Able to balance speed and quality when prototyping, but be uncompromising focused on quality for production systems.
  • Proficient with all tools involved in UI development, able to set up efficient structures for others to work within.
  • UI testing
  • Component based development
  • UI plugin architectures for independent development threads


  • Visual Design - to the point where designers feel you are one of them.
  • UX experience - leaning towards game design and optimising for user joy
  • Visualisation - of information, processes
  • Programming - languages, concepts, tools

About you

  • You're open and honest with others and with yourself
  • You're curious
  • You're a life-long learner
  • You get a thrill when you can dig in deep, but you impatiently get things done
  • You care about understanding the challenges humans and teams face in everyday work
  • You love building stuff
Reinventing how humans, teams, and computers work together.
Size:  1-10 employees