Front-end engineer
Santa Clara, CA
Posted 9 days ago


  • Build beautiful and intuitive AI tools for product developers (opportunity to learn AI coding as well)
  • Tech stack: React + Vercel (front-end), Python + AWS (backend). Read more:
  • Join a company that values design and engineering equally
  • Partner with founders who worked at Airbnb for over 5 years
  • Backed by Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused venture fund);

Why Mage exists

We believe in a world where every business can create magic in the lives of their users. That’s why our mission is to equip businesses with accessible AI technology so they can deliver transformational customer experiences. Read more:

Who we serve

Mage is designed and built for product developers with no prior AI experience. Developers can get started with AI quickly and continue learning with Mage.

How we do it

Mage is a tool that helps developers use AI and their data to make predictions. Use cases include churn prevention, product recommendations, customer lifetime value, and more.

How it works in 3 steps: connect your data, train your model, make predictions.

What we believe in

Values are aspirational. Virtues are values in action. Here are the 6 core virtues that define who we are and how we behave. Read more:

  1. Victorious as a team
  2. Give people power-ups
  3. Think bold and lead the charge
  4. Deliver magical experiences
  5. Create compounding forces
  6. Level up stats


  • +3 years of front-end work experience using React
  • Can work autonomously and collaborate with other engineers
  • Excited to lead, mentor, and learn
  • Excels in ambiguous environments and can wear multiple hats

Your responsibilities

  • Build beautiful and intuitive AI tools for product developers
  • Design technical architecture for front-end applications
  • Create innovative product ideas
  • Mentor engineers


  • Full-time
  • Location: Bay Area; the current team all live in the Bay Area and enjoy working in person together
  • Compensation: very close to market
  • Benefits: health, vision, dental insurance
  • Employee paradise: we know what it’s like to be at a company that values and treats its employees right no matter what (Airbnb). We learned and we do the same.

Company overview

  • Size: 1 - 10 employees
  • Stage: seed
  • Total amount raised: $5M - $6M
  • Founded: December 2020
Collaborative AI application development tool.
Size:  1-10 employees