Community Manager
Remote (Global)
Posted a month ago
Aragon Association is a small, remote-only team of people that span a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and geography. We're dropouts and Ph.D.s, craft beer and coffee lovers, living across the Americas and Europe, who are designing and building tools to secure and govern decentralized organizations. 
Aragon Association has overseen the production of the leading smart contract framework to build DAOs, with toolkits for developers to seamlessly integrate their apps with DAO functionality, and a decentralized dispute resolution system.
Aragon empowers freedom by creating liberating tools that leverage decentralized technologies. — The Aragon Manifesto
We're looking for a passionate and thoughtful Community Manager to build and grow Aragon’s enthusiast community into one of the top web3 communities, by driving Aragon’s community strategy focused on sourcing and nurturing new community members and retaining and up-leveling existing ones. This is a cross-functional role where you will work together with multiple teams on a day-to-day basis. This position reports directly to the CMO.
Your first month will be focused on absorbing as much information as possible and learning more about our product, mindset, manifesto, and community. You will have a large degree of autonomy and the potential to create incredible value within and outside of the Aragon, DAO, and the overall Blockchain ecosystem.
- Monitor, moderate and manage Aragon’s community sentiment on social media and key channels such as Discord, Twitter, Linkedin, and Telegram.
- Organize and coordinate online and in-person community events such as local meetups, monthly community calls, and Youtube AMAs.
- Identify, build and cultivate key relationships with members of our community and source actionable insights back to eng/product/partnerships teams. 
- Measure and report on the success of community growth, support, and engagement initiatives with qualitative and quantitative insights. 
- Collaborate with other internal teams to gain further leverage and spread the Aragon vision for DAOs and decentralized governance solutions.
- Become a respected member of the Aragon community and a go-to source for Aragon’s ethos, information, and resources. 
- Actively advocate for Aragon’s in the blockchain and Ethereum communities wherever they gather (online and offline).
- Constantly learn, research, and experiment on how to do community building better.
- Support the Head of Governance and the Aragon Network DAO across multiple community programs that seek to decentralize Aragon and activate community members as core contributors.
- You have 3+ years in a community management role, with a track record of growing crypto communities.  
- You have a deep understanding of crypto culture and you lead a large and engaged follower base on Crypto Twitter and/or other social media channels. 
- You have a proven track record of hiring, developing, and managing a successful team of community managers across multiple world regions. 
- You are a strategic thinker, creative problem-solver and enjoy bringing your vision to life with actionable plans.
- You have proven experience in building welcoming and inclusive blockchain communities, and have a passion for community-driven projects. 
- You have outstanding cross-cultural and creative communication skills and an innate ability to adapt messaging to different personas and channels. 
- You are an active listener, an avid learner, and detain outstanding interpersonal skills. 
- You have outstanding organizational and prioritization skills and can manage multiple projects with tight deadlines effectively.
ou have a genuine interest in blockchain and web3 technologies, or prior experience in decentralized governance solutions, LegalTech, or FinTech and are ideologically aligned with open governance and decentralization.
🧑‍💻 Culture & Perks
- Bold ideas are worshipped
- Remote work
- Flexible time, for real (This role is location agnostic, but we ask that you overlap some working hours with Central European Time - CET)
- Training / personal development budget
- Support for setting up your remote work environment
- Casual environment (as long as you wear clothes, we are good!)
- Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration
- Titles don't mean nothing, you earn respect by being who you are
- Work / Life balance - Competitive compensation schemes
- Off-sites (when the world allows it)
This role is location agnostic anywhere in the world, thought we ask that you overlap some working hours with Central European Time (CET). We are a fully distributed team and have the tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment. The Aragon Association is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and the steward of the Aragon project, a community of DAO creators, developers, and users experimenting with new forms of social coordination and governance. Talk to us at Discord!
Govern Better, Together
Size:  51-100 employees