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Technical Director - Experimentation
Redwood City, +1
Posted a month ago
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Drive EA’s native experimentation platform to the next level.

Location: Redwood City, California, United States

Remote Work Option:Yes
Requisition Number:167373
Date Opened: 2021-07-30

Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones and tablets.


The EA Digital Platform (EADP) group provides central services that help game teams to tap into the power of the global EA ecosystem. Compatible across multiple platforms and devices, our platform empowers teams to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with our players. The EADP is the foundation on which EA's games are built. By providing reusable capabilities that game teams can easily integrate into their games, we allow them to focus on making incredible games. These building blocks are made up of high-level service platforms including Commerce & Identity, Data and AI, Gameplay Services, Social & Marketplace and Player & Developer Experience.


We are looking for a senior technical lead and architect to drive EA’s native experimentation platform to the next level. 

Job Duties:  

  • Work closely with cross functional components including Live services, Personalization, Recommendation, Player Profile, Data Sets, ETL, Measurement and Reporting. 
  • Leverage massive data sets from 20+ game studios, and promote a data driven decision making process, and experimentation culture. 
  • Serve as a domain expert, drive the strategic vision and bring the latest industry experience to the team. 
  • Serve as an engineering architect to drive the technical direction, the architectural decision making and the technical roadmap. 
  • Work with the product managers and customers directly to understand the use cases, come up with solutions and drive the areas of development with the best ROI. 
  • Drive cross organizational collaboration/cooperation, working with teams in Studios and the Marketing Organization to expand the Experimentation ecosystem.

Job Requirements: Master’s degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field and five (5) years of experience in the job offered or software engineering related occupation.

Alternatively, the employer will accept Ph.D. degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field and three (3) years of experience in the job offered or software engineering related occupation.

Special Requirements: Position requires three (3) years of experience in each of the following skills:

  • Computer science with strong competencies in algorithms, data structures, and software design.
  • Strong Statistical background with deep understanding of hypothesis testing, various statistical significance tests, and data analytics.
  • Software development experience, including clean reusable code, test-driven development, and continuous integration.
  • Building distributed systems to serve concurrent requests on a massive scale.
  • Working with databases, including columnar databases, relational databases or document databases.
  • Working with Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Storm, Flink, Presto, or other data streaming and processing systems
  • Developing Experimentation and A/B Testing platforms. 
  • Driving full experimentation lifecycles, including hypothesis, experimentation design, e2e workflow, analytics pipeline, measurement and reporting. 
  • Leading cross functional projects to deliver impactful customer experiences, including close collaboration with product managers, and directly working with end users.
Electronic Arts (EA)
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