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Data Science Lead
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Posted 4 months ago

Data Science Lead - Lumen Energy

Our Mission

Lumen Energy is automating clean energy deployment across our cities.

To start, we’re making getting a fully-financed clean energy system for a commercial building as easy as applying for a credit card. The scope of the opportunity is massive: out of 6 million commercial buildings in the US which are responsible for 16% of all greenhouse gas emissions, most of which could save money with solar, fewer than 4% have solar systems today.

We make clean energy widely accessible by abstracting away the complexity of an underlying marketplace of installers, financiers and confusing electrical jargon. Our challenge is to parse massive datasets, deploy advanced models behind the scenes, pre-package financing, all so that we can deliver a simple, delightful, and actionable offer to our customers.

Who We Are

We are a small team of scientists, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs committed to powering our world with clean energy. We build on experience at Stripe, Google X, Shopify, and US national labs. While we're early in our journey, we are live with customers, funded by exceptional investors (not yet announced), and looking to bring on a core team member who can help us expand our impact.

About you

You love cracking the code. You build. You gravitate towards making a global impact. While you might enjoy exploring the frontiers of data science and ML papers, you are ruthlessly pragmatic.

You are comfortable manipulating time-series, geospatial, and imagery data alike (though you may have your personal preference!) You have a keen sense of when to employ disposable hacks, and are ready to architect scalable data pipelines that serve production software.

Responsibilities include:

  • Building predictive models of energy usage and optimal technology suitability for buildings globally, combined from a heterogeneous mix of time-series, geospatial, and imagery data
  • Build novel financing and credit models, in collaboration with finance experts on our team
  • Lead, grow, and foster high-performance teams of in-house data scientists and ML experts from around the world
  • Collaborate with external expert advisors at universities and US national labs
Lumen Energy
Automating Clean Energy Deployment Across Our Cities
Size:  11-50 employees