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Posted 3 months ago

Stripe Partners is a consultancy working with leading technology-led businesses like Facebook, Spotify, Intel and Verizon to develop new strategies, products and services. Our heritage as a business is in the human sciences: applying the tools of anthropology, sociology and design to identify deep insights that unlock innovation opportunities. 

An increasing proportion of our work is in the strategic innovation space, helping clients identify new markets and develop propositions from scratch. Within these projects our work often intersects different forms of data: ethnographic, behavioral, survey, market and commercial. We often interact with client-side data scientists on projects, informing their analysis and models. We believe that the most effective innovation is developed through the combination and synthesis of these diverse data-types. 

We are building our capacity for data analysis by hiring an ambitious, creative Data Strategist who has the experience to work across these diverse datasets. The Data Strategist will help us identify better opportunities and solutions for our clients, alongside building out Stripe Partners data analysis capabilities across the business.   


Key responsibilities

Build out and formalise Stripe Partners data analysis and strategy practice

Identify opportunities across our projects to add value through data analysis and data-driven consulting, particularly in innovation projects

  • Including existing publicly available datasets, client behavioral datasets

Productise these opportunities and sell them to our clients (as value adding to existing projects, or as stand alone)

Lead the delivery of these products 

Train the team in data analysis and strategy skills 

In the future: 

  • Hire a team of junior data strategists as our business in this area grows and become head of the team
  • Write “the book” on how to best integrate ethnographic and qualitative data with quantitative datasets to drive better innovation


You will have

5 years + experience working as a data analyst in a consumer technology or technology-lead business, or 5 years +  experience working as a consultant in the field 

Made significant contributions to product, service or brand innovation projects

Substantial experience:

  • Developing business recommendations using data (including strong data visualisation and storytelling)
  • Identifying, cleaning and analysing commercial and market datasets (both proprietary and from the open web)
  • As a bonus: Designing, running and analysing large scale quant-surveys

Informed the work of Data Scientists and predictive model development

Worked alongside qualitative researchers and product designers

Managed junior data analysts

Developed new analysis processes and practices


You will be able to demonstrate the ability to

solve business problems using data

 work creatively to identify and combine diverse datasets

adapt methods to new contexts

create organizational impact

“sell” data analysis and strategy methods 

work with non-specialists (especially qualitative researchers)

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