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Backend Web Developer, Founding team
Remote (US)
Posted 2 months ago
Why is this role awesome?
- Early hire, Founding team - New codebase - Have massive impact on tech, product - Serial founders with $200m in exits, funded by a16z


about us

At Stonks, we are democratizing access to startup funding via a paltform for demo days. Think YC Demo Day, but for everyone. With a scrappy team led by an experienced startup founder and funded by A16Z and top-tier investors, we are looking to combine early-stage investing with the magic of livestreaming. Think Twitch + Angel list + Shark Tank = 👶

This is a rare opportunity to join the founding team and be one of the first hires. Build a new codebase, rather than maintaining something that is years old. Incredible chance to have huge impact and help shape the culture and tech for the team that follows.

why join?

  • Proven founders. 18 years, 3 venture-backed startups, $200m+ exits.
  • Tendies. Competitive salary, benefits, and equity. Lead investor is a16z.
  • Real impact. On the founding team. You will have the opportunity to guide product, strategy, technology, rather than being just a number and a desk.
  • Own it. You want to take responsibility for building out large parts of the product and codebase yourself.
  • Prod-Mkt-Fit. We haven't launched yet, and are already doing millions of dollars each month in invested capital into our startups.
  • MEMES. You know what Yolo, 💎 🙌, "to the moooon" and 🦍 💪 means.

the role

  • Be a key individual contributor, 10X dev. No managers please.
  • Help us build core parts of the application, such as chat, video, live interactions, events, onboarding, funding and payments.
  • 3 to 6 years of Backend web development experience. Min 3 yrs with a reference is a hard requirement.
  • Fluency with PHP, Laravel, or similar languages and stacks. Other similar languages are OK.
  • High level of competency in scaling servers, databases, APIs. You've worked in production environments with millions of users before.
  • Bonus: experience with live audio/video/chat streaming protocols.

Remote within US, Canada, Mexico or South America is OK. We work PST.

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Stonks is building the next-gen Crowdfunding platform for startups and small businesses.
Year Founded:  2020