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Founding Blockchain Engineer
Remote (Global)
Junior +2
Posted 24 days ago
Why is this role awesome?
Hi Lenny! This role is awesome because... We’re an experienced team (ex-Square, DoorDash, Instagram) We have a well-defined vision We have incredible investors + advisors Our product is at the intersection of crypto, consumer, and community For the right person, this'll be an incredible role.

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Our purpose is the economic empowerment of creators, fans, and community builders.

We’re a company that primarily writes code to serve this purpose. Our products are economic tools designed to empower creators and reward their communities.

Our current mission is to build the leading platform for anyone to mint, manage, buy, and sell NFTs that unlock community membership and benefits.

To help accelerate, we’re hiring seasoned smart contract engineers. The ideal candidate is excited to be on the founding engineering team of a well-funded startup using NFTs to economically empower creators, artists, community-builders, and brands. You love getting your hands dirty, learning cutting-edge new technologies, and the excitement that comes with building a new platform from the ground up. You have strong opinions about how to do that yet work collaboratively and are always open to new ideas.


  • Architecting and building smart contracts that enable core features of our product
  • Building a secure key storage architecture
  • Understanding the tradeoffs between different blockchains and participating in decision making around which to use for different purposes
  • Participating in code reviews and the interview process


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field. (Sorry, no bootcamp applicants yet)
  • 1+ years of experience writing smart contracts and building web3 applications
  • Experience building microservice architectures on AWS
  • Proven ability to write clean, maintainable, well tested, secure code in a variety of languages and framework

To apply, please send an email introducing yourself with your resume/CV and links to your Github, LinkedIn, and/or website to careers@highlight.xyz.

How Creators Build Vibrant Communities.
Size:  1-10 employees