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Drip Drop Health is an early-stage, stealth startup with a mission to enable clinical practices to deliver a higher caliber, digital testing experience.

Our software is adopted by clinical practices on behalf of their patients. The software enables practices to generate additional revenue, deliver a highly engaging patient experience, reduce monthly admin time for physicians, and ensure quality standards are met for every patient. 

Started by an x-Oscar exec and funded by top-tier investors and entrepreneurs (incl. Founder Collective, Bling Capital, Arkitekt), our software integrates directly with doctors’ EMRs and analyzes patient data using our proprietary clinical insights engine. The result is an intuitive results experience that mediates the doctor-patient relationship in a wholly novel way.

We are looking for a senior backend engineer (our first senior engineer!) to develop the architectural foundations for our software product. As you might expect, this is a substantial opportunity for someone looking to take a big leap in their career to do something that matters AND massively accelerate your career development.

The top qualities that we’re looking for:

  • You love to try new things: You are naturally curious, able and excited to operate in ambiguity. Instead of being scared by a new technology or tool, you dive right in.
  • You’re a hustler: You are eager to invest your energy into developing the most performant and scalable technology possible. You are driven by a desire to prove your technology is better than anyone else’s out there.
  • You’re a self starter who doesn’t ask for permission: You see problems and attack them head on. You are capable of directing the majority of your time and energy, and prioritizing your own work.
  • You aren’t afraid to go to bat for your ideas: You have experience communicating decisions and tradeoffs to others. You know you can’t go at everything alone and know how to get buy-in for your ideas.

The type of work you'll do:

  • Lead Backend Architecture: Design and build the technical systems critical to running our business—up from high-level architecture down to code quality. Recent examples include architecting a mechanism for ingesting scheduling data using RPA, redesigning our clinical rules database to handle increasingly complex calculations, and implementing a queue-based service to asynchronously fetch lab results from different sources.
  • Maintain Robust Data Pipeline: Collaborate with our backend engineers and our integration partners to create a robust and secure data pipeline to ingest and process patient medical data. Although we leverage industry leader, Redox, to simplify our integrations process, there are often unanticipated integration challenges requiring thought partnership between us and Redox, such as creating throttling mechanisms to deal with different rate limits from multiple EMRs’ APIs we retrieve data from.
  • Oversee System Monitoring: Design and implement a testing and monitoring strategy to ensure that our systems are stable. This would include maintaining our technical mapping and designing a tiered monitoring system.
  • Deliver Frictionless Tech: Collaborate with our team to deliver a high-converting, engaging user experience, delivering a backend system that optimizes on user experience. For example, our team recently re-engineered our authentication process to simplify sign on for the user and increase the number of users who got to the product. The team also repackaged the data sent from the backend to decrease loading times in the frontend.

What you should expect as a member of the team:

  • We give you a front row seat, to building a business from the ground up, with the added benefit of having secured capital to invest in product development. There is no better way to get a crash course on how to start your own business, and we commit to supporting you wholly if you choose to pursue that path (including helping you with fundraising, initial brainstorming, making intros, etc).
  • We pay you competitively and commit to open conversations about the trajectory of your compensation on a semiannual basis. No more agonizing about when your manager will finally talk to you about that raise you’ve been wondering about..
  • We give you a meaningful piece of the pie, and are transparent about how early employee equity works and is valued as we grow the Company.
  • We invest in you as someone choosing to dedicate some of their best professional years with us. Expect lots of actionable feedback, connects with rockstars in our vast network (including investors, advisors) and sponsorship for part-time continuing education opportunities.
  • We prioritize flexibility, with work from home days weekly and a whole MONTH remote during February so you escape the cold winter and realize your dream of being a snowbird a few years early. Plus, we’ve got a generous time off policy.
  • We commit to 10% of your time being spent on projects of your choosing to help us achieve our Company goals. Annually, this time culminates with a hackathon of epic proportions, with multiple days dedicated to team bonding and innovation (plus pizza).
  • We focus your time on building technology, versus asking you to recruit, deal with people ops issues, build SOPs, attend random meetings, etc. You are an engineer here to create performant, highly scalable technology - you should expect 95% of your time to be spent building with your peers (unless you choose the manager track over time).

In case you're curious, here's our stack:

  • Python/Django
  • NextJS
  • Postgres
  • Sentry, Datadog
  • CI/CD pipeline via GitHub actions and Heroku
  • Segment, Amplitude, Optimizely, Hotjar
  • Slack, Google, Zoom, 1Pass, Jamf

What you've done before:

What we’ve written above should give you a pretty good sense of whether this is the right fit for you. If you’re looking for a comfortable, 9-5, routine and predictable job, where you execute on orders from someone else, this is not the right fit.

To help those who are still on the fence, we’ve included a couple guidelines of what we think the best candidates will have done before. That said, we eagerly accept non-traditional candidates who are able to show us why they’ll be amazing for this role.

Most likely, you have:

  • At least 5-8+ years of experience writing scalable, maintainable, and clean code, with 3+ years of experience architecting and building meaningful backend-heavy systems from scratch using multiple technologies
  • Experience building and monitoring integrations with 3rd party API’s
  • A track record of developing a technical roadmap with the ability to make tradeoffs required to ship without compromising quality
  • Experience building ETLs and creating data pipelines
  • Experience setting up cloud infrastructure (Heroku / AWS / etc.)
  • Experience with Git-based team workflows and modern CI/CD deployment flows
  • Experience communicating technical plans to non-technical partners

By the way, let us more formally introduce ourselves:

Drip Drop Health was founded by a health-tech executive who spent time as an early employee at both Oscar and Parsley Health, with teammates and investors from fast-growing, successful health and consumer businesses including Pillpack, GoodRx, Behance, Flatiron School, Advantia Health and Greenhouse.

How to apply:

Does the role sound like a good fit for what you're looking for? If so, apply on Angel. We can't wait to meet you. 

Drip Drop Health
Software to redesign the lab testing experience
Size:  1-10 employees