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Operations manager - first ops hire
San Francisco
Posted 2 months ago

Operations manager - first ops hire

About Socialchat
The company:
SocialChat provides the social commerce solution to e-commerce stores giving brands the ability to run livestream shopping, simulating the in-person shopping experience for customers. The brands in turn get all the interactions to further optimize the experiences for the users both on the site and through CRM channels for best branding and performance ROI.

The team:
The founder built the growth function from scratch at Wish, a shopping platform serving 1M+ merchants and 100M+ monthly active shoppers, and helped companies like Pinterest, Shopify, Spring, Twitch to optimize their user and revenue growth engines.
The head of machine learning optimized billions of dollars of marketing budget for E-commerce companies at Facebook and was a founding member of Instagram creator experiences. With backgrounds from the content and performance worlds, together they’re building the ultimate social commerce solution for e-commerce stores.

About The Role

As the first ops hire, you will be responsible for operations working across different functions including HR, sales, finance, marketing and office administration. The ideal candidate is motivated and willing to learn to thrive in the startup environment. You will always want to optimize the processes and still pay attention to the details to make sure things are right. You enjoy working with other people and seek learning opportunities throughout collaboration with different functions in the company.

What you’ll do

It's important to us that you are

  • Organized and detail-oriented with tasks
  • High-energy, dedication and persistence through different operations
  • Clear written and verbal communication skills to communicate both internationally and with customers
  • Adaptability to try new ways of doing things with the ability to learn from failures and move on
  • A commitment to learning

Bonus points for

  • Experience working for a high-growth stage startup
  • Domain expertise of marketing or ad tech solutions

Our Core Values

Eager to learn: we never stop learning and always open our minds to new concepts and ideas to execute better.

Data-driven mindset: we make brave decisions but back them with data analysis.

Open communication: transparency and honesty is the top priority and a must in our daily communications.

Move fast and fail fast: we move fast and move on if the ideas do not work.

Ownership: own the product and experiences you’re building and always strive for better. It’s never “out of my responsibility”

Make things happen: deliver results no matter what’s blocking as long as it’s desired for the business. We seek creative solutions to achieve our goals.

Social Chat
Social commerce solution backed by machine learning
Size:  1-10 employees
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Race Capital
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Critical hire for a stealth company founded by a great founder who built the growth function from scratch at Wish + advised Pinterest, Shopify, Twitch, etc.