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Posted 4 months ago

As Stripe’s product portfolio and engineering team grow, the company increasingly relies on robust internal platforms to quickly ship reliable, secure, high quality products. We are looking for a technical leader with deep expertise in building complex single page web applications to help us define the future of how product teams build web UIs at Stripe.

You will:

  • Play a critical role in defining the technical strategy and roadmap for how web applications are built across Stripe
  • Work across full-stack product teams to understand their needs and pain points when building UI
  • Bring a point of view of how great web apps are built on both the frontend and backend
  • Build tools to make Stripe engineers more productive when building complex UI
  • Proactively identify areas where our existing infrastructure is failing to scale and/or does not or will not meet our standards for reliability, security, performance, or quality.
  • Mentor early-career engineers and experienced engineers without experience building UIs
  • Interview and design interview questions for building diverse, industry-leading UI engineering teams
  • Advocate for the needs of web developers to leadership and other teams that our web apps depend on

We’re looking for someone with:

  • 8+ years of hands on software engineering experience
  • Experience building multiple single page web applications that have reached hundreds of thousands of users and/or have had hundreds of contributors.
  • Experience collaborating across engineering teams that are customers as well as teams that your team depends on
  • A strong sense of what excellent web-based experiences look like, how they behave, and how to build them

You also likely have:

  • Experience building or using design systems based on a component library like React, Vue, web components, etc.
  • Experience building or using backend frameworks to create REST or GraphQL backends for single page web apps
  • Experience with the complexities of deploying a large web application to users across the world, including understanding the nuances of building JavaScript packages (ie webpack, npm, and babel), browsers, and CDNs.
  • An opinion on CSS in JavaScript
  • A passion for teaching and making others more productive
  • A willingness to get into the unglamorous details of building modern web apps
  • A knack for translating high-level product strategy into a technical roadmap that will support that strategy
Stripe is a developer-oriented commerce company helping small and large companies accept web and mobile payments.
Size:  1001-5000 employees
Year Founded:  2010
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