When we think about looking for a job, the toil associated with the experience is assumed. We don’t question the tools available; we make them a part of our suffering.

We sift through hundreds of posts to find just the few we’re interested in, we send countless emails to people who never respond, we write cover letters for applications that’ll never get seen, the problems are so ubiquitous, they’re ignored. Innovative tech products aim to shift our behavior, so why has job search catered to the same behavior for the last 50+ years? In the days of newspaper listings, jobs would get aggregated into a single page where readers could see everything available. Then came the internet. The volume of jobs became enormous, and it didn’t make sense to fit them on a single page— so we jammed them into a giant database, added keyword search, and a few filters.

The reason for this set-up is pretty much as insidiuous as you’d imagine— listing aggregators profit, in a multitude of ways, from your poor experience. Whether’s its pay-per-click, targeted ads, or establishing wide-net channels for recruiters, it’s ultimately the end-user (job-seekers and companies) who pay the price in time, effort, and energy. Instead of entering the ruthless cycle, we made it our job to make it easier for you to find your job.

That’s why we’re building an entirely new job-search— one that is actually designed to get you closer to what you really want to do. We’re imagining a platform that actually learns from your interests, allows for opinionated and genuine interaction, and, most importantly, leaves you with the exciting feeling of capturing opportunity, not the dejection of being completely overwhelmed. Forging completely new behaviors and opportunities, ones suited for the present day and beyond.
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